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eCommerce Gamification Marketing Guide 2023

Think of gamification marketing as your own personal cheat code to victory!

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eCommerce gamification example of a "spin the wheel" pop-up. The wheel spins and stops on a prize. A pop-up activates congratulating the user for winning the prize. The button on the pop-up encourages the user to use their prize, which is a discount code in this example.

What's inside?

  • Benefits of eCommerce Gamification
  • eCommerce Gamification Examples
  • How to Use Gamification in Customer Segmentation
  • 5 Steps for an Effective Gamification Campaign
  • eCommerce Gamification: Challenges and Tips

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Benefits of eCommerce Gamification

eCommerce gamification example of a "Spin the Wheel" design. Each slice on the wheel is a different and vibrant colour with different prizes.

  • Encourages longer time on-site
  • Keeps users motivated and hooked
  • Encourages customer engagement and loyalty
  • Enhances the overall customer experience
  • Fosters long-term interest in your brand

eCommerce Gamification Success Stories

How the Book Store Giant D&R Boosted its AOV by 73% with Gamification
How the famous book store Idefix increased conversion rates by 115% with gamification

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